Woman or man, If you WANT to get out of survival mode, first of all, read this  Benjaming p. Hardy article and then share your experience with us https://benjaminhardy.com/8-things-every-person-should-do-before-8-a-m-2/

a quien madruga,,,

As Hardy says on the presentation of his course» People are living their lives reactively. They wake up and immediately check their smartphone. They feel RUSHED and BUSY immediately upon waking up.
Their whole day and life reflects how they wake up. Consequently, their health and relationships suffer.
You do that by giving yourself space in the morning to orient yourself with the person you intend to be. You also orient yourself toward your highest goals and priorities.
If you have a consistent morning routine, your life will be very different in 3-6 months. No longer will you be RUSHED and REACTIVE. Rather, you’ll be living with INTENTION and PURPOSE.»

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